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Building FAQ

What is a Building Permit and when do I need one? 

  1. A building permit is a requirement of the Victoria state legislation and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

  2. Having a building permit provides owners with protection by ensuring:

    • the building practitioners working on your project are registered and carry the required insurance, 

    • adequate documentation is prepared so the construction can be carried out correctly and according to building legislation

    • key stages of the work are independently inspected and, 

    • your building is suitable for occupation.

  3. A building permit must be obtained for any structural building work, regardless of the cost or size of the works. Several minor types of non-structural building works are exempt from obtaining a building permit, refer to the VBA website for a full list of exemptions.  

  4. A building permit can be obtained from any registered building surveyor (RBS) either through your local council or through an independent RBS business.  

  5. In order to obtain a building permit, you'll require the following documentation as a starting point: architectural documentation, a soil report & structural documentation. Your RBS will inform you of any further documents you may require, it is a good idea to engage an RBS early in the planning process. 

Figure: A snap of our Yarraville House Project during construction taken by our client @paulamillsloves. For further photos visit @structuralengineersaustralia
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